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We recently enjoyed our annual “campout” at Grandpa Andy’s, aka “the patch.” Two of Andy’s four kids had other commitments, so we were short our usual gang. Still, we had nine adults, five kids, and six dogs ripping around over the 4th of July long week-end.

After everyone left, I went on a photo-shoot to take in the quiet. In our front yard. Seems the Brownheaded Cowbird eggs had hatched and were keeping the Eastern Bluebirds very busy. Those cowbirds are pretty tricky, leaving their young for someone else to feed.

I felt like I could sympathize.

A close shot of the hole in a wooden birdhouse, the wood is faded teal colored paint. The beak of a baby brownheaded cow bird is sticking out of the hole. There is a flie on the wood just below and to the left of the hole.

“Where’s dinner?”

An Eastern Bluebird is perched on the top of a wooden birdhouse. The bird has a white belly and a red-orange chest, its head and wings are blue and its eye is black. It is holding some sort of catepiller in its beak.

First course on its way.

The bluebird is now perched on the edge of the hole to the birdhouse, facing toward the hole. Inside the hole are two yellow beaks wide open facing out.

“More, more, we want more!”

The bluebird has its wings spread as it flies to the hole in the birdhouse. It has a grasshopper in its mouth and the baby bird is stretching its neck out with its beak wide open to snatch up the bug.

Second course coming right up.

The bluebird is perched on the edge of the hole again and is sticking the grasshopper down the throat of the baby bird, which is really stretching out to receive it. The baby bird is at least as large as the bluebird, and is scraggly looking, with brown and white markings.

“Okay already! Let me get it in there.”

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And why did we wait so long?


Christmas, 2010. Our Wisconsin family gave us a long, square box to unwrap. It contained a woven hammock.

Today we strung it up between two oak trees in our front yard.

Andy was the first to take a nap in it.

He said, “It’s an anti-productivity device.”

My turn!

A picture of me sprawled in a hammock between two oak trees in our front yard. I am laughing because my career-changed Gus jumped in and is laying on my stomach. He didn't flip us over!

Gus took one look at me lying in the “anti-productivity device” and promptly flew through the air to join me. Without flipping it!


This is a closeup shot of me and Gus relaxing in the hammock. I have my hands behind my head and he is looking at the camera like it shouldn't be any big deal that a large black lab decides that a hammock is a comfy place to be.

Gus looks like he’d just as soon have the hammock to himself!

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