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sweet woods

A path of oak leaves leads through a thick green forest.



late August and the sweet, deep woods dripped

shades of green, speckled orange

mushrooms pushed through rain-soaked oak leaves


and grew shawls of white mould




I wanted the sweetness to be sweet

grass waving in the northern field

I wanted the humidity to be curling

smoke waved overhead

at a native prayer ceremony


instead, leaves already lying

on the forest floor, all I could smell

was the fading perfume of funeral



A small white moth is lying on its back on a brown leaf, it's legs folded inward above it's body.

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the gleaming

An early morning shot in a summer, green forest. In the left foreground is a spider web haning from a low branch in the shape of an upside down parachute. In the background out of focus are a few more similar webs. There are ferns and the trunks of trees, all is green with the morning sun shining at the camera.

morning mist reveals

basket spider parachutes

stealthy invasion

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a bird haiku


sand pit velodrome

swallows chatter in pursuit

swoop in for feeding


A swallow wings in to two baby birds that have their mouths wide open, anticipating breakfast. The babies are sitting at the opening of a hole in the side of a sandy cliff.

Breakfast arriveth.


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Time passes

in spring


the sun rises relentlessly northward

degree by degree,

like a battalion marching to the front

and daylight lengthens by 13 minutes in a week


this year

record temps teased summer for eight days in mid-March,

and coaxed crocuses

to push toward the light, not understanding

the danger, like infantry brainwashed

to react and not to think


on this day last year

buds bunkered down

below the snow

and we glided above on long boards, glad

for the cease-fire

before the spring-riot growth,

sweating only from exertion


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