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On assignment for the Ogemaw County Voice: Cover the Open House at the West Branch Area Wastewater Treatment Plant.

One advantage to living in a county with less than 22,000 residents is that events tend to be less crowded. I was privileged with a personal tour of the facility by Joe, one of three full-time employees at the plant.

Very impressive.

Especially the “ear-full” of Cedar Waxwings flitting about the dredging tanks. They must have thought it was a water museum.

An alert Cedar Waxwing bird perches on the edge of a water treatment tank at the West Branch Wastewater Treatment plant. A group of these birds were flitting about the tank.

A Cedar Waxwing on alert.

This photo of the previous Cedar Waxwing is of the bird just after taking flight off the edge of the water treatment tank. His bill is wide open and his eyes have a small flying insect in sight. He has some "fluff" clutched in one talon.

Take off! Dinner in sight.


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