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miracles can happen

Andy and I sit on opposite ends of the couch. That’s what happens when each end is a Lazy Boy chair. Between us is room for one big black Lab.

Gypsy decides she wants to join us. She squeezes in between me and Gus, curls up and uses his back as a pillow. Gus edges toward Andy, panting, yawning.

We encourage the sudden and unusual intimacy. I, with my Mac, take a photobooth shot of the miracle.

A somewhat fuzzy shot of a brown dog facing away from the camera with her head on a big black lab facing to the left, in a not relaxed position. Behind the dogs is a bearded man in a gray t-shirt; all are on a green couch.

Andy is incredulous. Gus isn’t too sure.

A closer shot of the brown dog resting her head on the black Lab. His head is up and not relaxed.

Who is that brown dog? And where is my Gypsy?

Gus tries to relax, he really does.

After a few minutes, he can’t take it any longer. He slinks away to a safe spot on the floor.

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The Wall

Andy says, “Come in here and look at these dogs.”

Photo of my dog Gypsy lying on one side of the couch with a pillow between her and my other dog, Gus, who is also lying on the couch.

A truce.

He adds, “The pillow is like the Berlin Wall.”

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