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March 29. March 30.

A chipmunk wrings his front paws in joy in the wooden birdfeeder, cheeks jammed full with seeds.

Fatcheeks in the birdfeeder.

Chippy’s mantra: Gotta fill my cheeks. Gotta fill my cheeks. Gotta fill my cheeks.

What does he know that we don’t?


An threatening red-winged blackbird flexes his wings from the wooden birdfeeder, daring any other bird (or creature) to approach.

“Ha, ha, ha–April Fools!” shrieked the red-winged blackbird, who really should have been announcing spring.


Crocus buds, only a few inches tall, stretch in the sunshine on March 29. Grasses and Lamb's Ear are in the background.

Come sunshine...

The same crocus buds photographed the next day with about one inch of fresh, wet snow on the ground.

...come snowfall.

Cheery crocuses sing spring, thrifty in their waxy sheathes.

April Fools is for fools.

A lone dark-eyed-junco seems to enjoy his private covered porch that is our wooden birdhouse, even though it is snowing like mad.

Snowbird Lodge

“I’m in heaven,” twitters the dark-eyed-junco, with a roof over his head and millet at his feet.

What more could he ask for?


A dark-eyed-junco, perched on a snow-covered bird feeder that looks like a bait-house, appears to be speaking with a white-breasted nuthatch, who is hanging on at his feeet.

Front yard feeder, open at 5am.

Mr. Junco says to Mr. Nuthatch, “Look, there’s plenty here for both of us. Just kick away the snow and you’ll find your stinking sunflower seeds. Leave the millet to me.”


At the base of the front yard birdfeeder, two dark-eyed-juncos scratch into the earth through the snow, searching for spilt seeds. One looks like he's talking to the other, who looks like he is bowing down to him.

Junco strategies.

General Black-Eyed doesn’t approve of Lieutenant Junco’s scratching technique.


A fluffy dark-eyed-junco poses on a snowy wood porch railing, with his head tilted as if to say, "Aren't I pretty?"

Puffy junco.

“What’s all the fuss about?”


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