Blue tenants

After a mild winter, Andy checks the propane level on the pig tank.

A close up of the blue lid of our propane tank in our backyard behind our potting shed. Andy is just visible in the background, walking over.

Something is under the cap.

He calls me over.

“Isn’t the sky the most amazing blue?” I say. “It’s like we’re wearing polarizing lenses over our eyes.”

Shot of a soaring turkey buzzard high in a deep blue sky.

Turkey buzzard looking for lunch.

“Talk about blue,” he responds, and lifts the peeling and somewhat rusty blue lid of the propane tank.

The blue lid of the propane tank is lifted to expose a large bird's nest filled with five blue robin's eggs!

Five new tenants.

Smart momma-robin to build her nest under a roof!

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6 thoughts on “Blue tenants

  1. bethfinke

    Beautiful post. Thanks for the terrific descriptions of the graphics, I was with you all the way.

  2. Ha! I know the look of these “blue tenants” well. Do you guys have Ferrellgas, or another propane company?

    • Kathy–we have Amerigas. I know we’re getting close to having to refill, but I’m not disturbing the nest for a while now…

  3. Pete

    Actually, it’s not wise to allow birds to nest in metal tank hoods; the heat builds up inside them and can literally cook the chicks. We found dead nestlings in our hood years ago, so now we plug up the hole in the hood. I hope you plug the hole in the future or you are inviting birds to their demise.

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