“Greening” takes on a whole old meaning in rural Michigan after an early spring rain.

A view across a farm field, with farm buildings in the distance, bordered by a just-leafing-out forest. The crop is just starting to sprout in waving rows--a hint of green above the wet brown earth.

Spring crop.

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4 thoughts on “Farmland

  1. This is what the farmland looks like around my childhood home down in the Thumb. Hoping to see these fields in a week or two. (I suspect the crops will have grown much taller by now.) P.S. Do you have a new blog??

    • Hi Kathy! Thanks for stopping by. (Yes, I’ve been “playing” with WordPress here…time will tell where it goes!)

      We are located in an interesting area–to the south is rolling farmland, to the north is national forest, all with 60 lakes within 20 miles. Beautiful.

      • It sounds beautiful. By reading and commenting on other blogs you can really get a following going quite easily here on WordPress. Good luck!

      • Yes, it is beautiful. Sometimes we say, “We didn’t move far enough north!” (Especially after the non-winter we had this year!) The U.P. would be our destination of choice, but really, with my aging parents downstate, our northeastern location is best for now.

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