The Wall

Andy says, “Come in here and look at these dogs.”

Photo of my dog Gypsy lying on one side of the couch with a pillow between her and my other dog, Gus, who is also lying on the couch.

A truce.

He adds, “The pillow is like the Berlin Wall.”

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4 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. The pillow is like the Berlin Wall! You win the Creativity Award this week! Or the dogs do…hmmm…cute, Patti.

  2. Kathy! So nice to find you commenting here. I really haven’t done much with this blog, I mostly started it just to play around with WordPress (after finding you and a few others!). Now I’ll have to get to work!

    My pups are so much fun. Gypsy is an 11-year-old b***h, if you get my drift. She rules with white-fangs and Gus and my Future Leader Dog puppy Scout pay close mind to her. Although after 4 Leader Dog puppies I think she’s getting soft (shhh, don’t tell her I said that).

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