Bluejays and Porcupines

Saturday, January 21.


It was a day for bouncing bluejays.

And porcupines.


At least 20 of the cawking birds enjoyed the sunshine in our tree tops.


This was not the first porcupine sighting of the day. Earlier, on a snowshoe hike in the Rifle River Recreation Area the dogs sniffed out a big porcupine holed up in the base of a tree. Luckily, only one barb had to be pulled from the lip of Gauge, a German Shorthair Pointer.

This little guy guarded the ski trail at Ogemaw Hills Pathway in the afternoon. We didn’t have anything to pay as a toll, but he let us pass.

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2 thoughts on “Bluejays and Porcupines

  1. Nice pic of a porcupine! I would like to see one, too. 🙂 Glad he let you pass without paying…

  2. I lament the poor skiing since this picture….too warm, too wet of snow. And now today it’s up to 50 degrees! Hey–you just gave me an idea for a post….hang on, it’s coming!

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